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In this Generation, We know how much money is important in our life. Almost Everyone wants to earn money online. Because online earning is very Easy. And the best part of earning money online is you have to do work from home. Then, who not want to stay at home and also you get money by just working from your Phone and Computer at Home.

Today, I am going to share with you the Top 3 Best Earning apps of 2021. By using these apps you can easily earn money online by just completing few step which is given in these apps. I am also using these apps for approx a single year. Then after I decided to share these three best earning apps with you which helps you to make money online. Hope you like it.

Here Are the Top 3 Best Earning Apps Of 2021:-

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1. Winzo

Winzo is a play game and earn money App. In this app, You have to just play simple games and you can earn real money. This is a simple e-sports gaming platform app that offers you to play 80+ Games like Free Fire, Carrom, Poker, Football, Rummy etc. The most popular game available in this app is Free Fire. And when PUBG unban in Indian they are going to add PUBG Mobile too.

I know you also play these games already for fun. But why you are playing games just for fun when you can earn money too. So, Fun and Earn Together. You can earn real money by just playing simple games but you have to play by using this app.


You can earn approx Rs.300-400 per day. When you earn money by using this app. You can easily transfer these money in your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account (using UPI). Here are the steps to transfer your money:-

Step 1:- Click on Wallet

Step 2:- Click on Withdraw

Step 3:- Select Paytm or UPI

Step 4:- Click on Withdraw Now

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So, What are you waiting for Download this app and start earning. Here is the download link of this app.

App Download Link:-

2. Qureka Pro

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This is the top 2nd best earning App. In this app there are four ways to earn real money. You Can earn almost Rs.300-400 Per days. So, here is the ways to earn money in this app:-

1. Play Games:- By using this way you have to play just simple games like Free Fire, Carrom, Cricket, Football, Rummy, Poker etc. just like above app. I know you already played these games but just for fun. If you earn money by playing games then why you just playing these games for fun. Now, Play these games and Earn.

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2. Quiz:- I think this is the best way to earn money in this app. You have to just answer some easy questions like 72+45=?, 4+(8-2)=? etc. and if you answer correct answers for these questions then you will get real money. In this app, there is a class wise questions from 1-6 and you already know how much easy question in these class. That’s why, I told this is the best way to earn money in this app.

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3. Fantasy:- I think, you already know what is fantasy. Yes, you are right. In fantasy, you have to just predict which player is going to play well in today’s match. You how much Cricket Craze in India. I think you are also a cricket fan. Then use your cricket knowledge and earn money. You can predict your team in IPL or International matches. If your prediction is correct you will get real money.

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4. Refer Friends:- I know this one is not possible for everyone because everyone has not enough friends. But, this is also a way to earn money in this app. You can share this app with your Friends, Family Members or On your social media account. When anyone installs this app by using your link then you will get Rs.5 per Installs. So, If you have audience you can share this app with them and earn a lot of money.

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You can easily transfer money in your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account (using UPI).

App Download Link:-

3. VideoBuddy

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This is the top 3rd best earning app in my list. I think the most easiest way to earn money online is available in this app. In this app, You have to just watch Movies or Web Series and you will be paid for it. Yeah, it is funny to hear. But this is right If you watch 2 min of a movie then you will get Rs.1 as a reward. So its depend on you how much movies you watch and how much you earn in a single day.

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And the second way is same like above app Refer Friends and Earn. Yeah, this app also contains Refer and Earn Feature. If you share to one of your Friend or Family member you will get Rs.10 per Install. So, If you have audiences just share this app with them and earn real money.

I earned almost Rs.30,000 by just using this app. I just share this app with friends and by watching movies in this app. Go Download this app, Watch movies and real money.

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App Download Link:-

So, these are the Top 3 Best Earning Apps of 2021. Go try these apps and if you earn some money. Then please tell me in the comment section.

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