PUBG Mobile KR Version To Be Banned Out Side Korea and Japan

Why PUBG Mobile KR Version Ban In India

PUBG Mobile KR Version Ban In India because there are to many user outside form korea and japan according to is youtube community post but we cannot say that this proper reason. we know that this game is launche only for korea and japan user, we know that pubg mobile ban under section 69A. The main reason is korea and japan don’t want save the user data of india user we know that pubg mobile global ban due to this reason because they sharing the data to third party apps, which may cause data leak of india user  if we understand the concept we are able to that japan and korea don’t want save the data of india user.

According To Indian Youtuber Classified Yt, He said To that Pubg Mobile KR is Ban outside korea and japan, He said that The kr version has more user out side the korea and japan as he show post of   PUBG kr  they post on his youtube community that kr user outside from korea and japan will not able to login in july month.

As we know that pubg mobile India Is recently  Ban In India , After that Many Game Company Launch  Game Like, Among us , FAUG, And many more game comes But still Like Pubg Mobile No Game is Launched In india. But Still game like pubg have there another game like china have game of piece it similar to pubg but the game name is changed and korea and japan have also there

pubg mobile has multiple region versions such has PUBG MOBILE VN and PUBG MOBILE KR.

PUBG Mobile kr is popular battle royale game is published by karfton inc.  After ban pubg in indi kr become most popular game , its developer recently announced that the game will no longer function in india.

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