Mini Militia Classic Launch Date And New Features

Mini Militia Classic is all set for launch. Competitor of Mini Militia is Coming Soon.

Mini Militia Classic From Appsomniacs is all set to launch in the Month of December 2020. After Miniclip bought Mini Militia from Appsomniacs in March 2018. Then after, In October 2019, The Appsomniacs developers again announced that they are again going to launch this game with a brand new name Mini Militia Classic.

Mini Militia Classic

mini militia classic release date

Why, The old Developers again launching this game with a new name Mini Militia Classic. As I Already told that, Miniclip bought Mini Militia from Appsomniacs in the starting of 2018. After that, Miniclip developer takes almost 1 years to this game for a new look. In October 2019, Miniclip launch this game again with a attractive UI and Features.

But, They removed almost all popular features from Mini Militia. Which features makes this game popular in its starting. Popular Features available in its older version like:- Play with friends online, Play with friends by using Hotspot and Bluetooth and Maximum 12 players in lobby. These are the most popular features available in its Appsomniacs version of this game. Which makes this game popular. But, Don’t know why Miniclip Developers removed these most popular Features.

Why Mini Militia Classic?

And that’s why everyone is hating Mini Militia Miniclip Version. By watching this Appsomniacs developers also said that they are going to drowned this game in future. That is why, They announced Mini Militia Classic.

In its Classic Version, You are getting every features which was available in its older version. Like Play with Friends, Maximum 12 Players in a single lobby etc. everything you want. Developer also said that they are going to add those Features which players want in this game. Not like Miniclip. They gives only that features which benefits them.

mini militia classic features

Mini Militia Classic Upcoming Features

As I already told that, Developers are going to give only those features which you want or said. Means which features you want you have to just reviews them on Play Store or App store and when many Players wants a single feature then they are going to add that feature in the game. So, When this game is released on Google Play Store or App Store. Download this game and play some matches and then after go to your store and review them by commenting your Opinion in the review section related to game improvement, new features etc. What do you want just comment.

So we expect Features like:-

Play with Friends Online

Play with Friends by using Hotspot or Bluetooth

Maximum 8 or 12 Players in a Lobby

Leaderboard CTF Mode

Guns Mode

Clan System Etc.

If you want more features except these features you can freely comment here in the comment section. I will show your comments to developers. If they like your opinion then they surely add these feature in Mini Militia Classic.

mini militia classic launch date

Mini Militia Classic Launch Date

I told earlier that Mini Militia Classic is all set to launch in the month of December 2020. Yeah Guys, we are waiting this game for almost 2 Months. And now, This is very near from us. In December 2020, Appsomniacs Developers is going to launch this game again with a Bang.

Many Youtubers said that, Before launch they will get a trial link of this game. To check for Bugs and Glitches. So, If I also got a trial link luckly then i will definitely share with you. So, Stay tuned on our website.

Mini Militia Classic is firstly releasing For Android users on Google Play Store and then after for Apple users on App Store. So Apple Users needs to wait more for this game.

Are you Excited For this game?

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