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So, Finally Mini Militia Classic is launched on Play Store for Testing. In this post, I am going to share with you how you can download Mini Militia Classic on Your Phone.

What is Mini Militia Classic?

First of all, We need to know what is mini militia classic and why we need Mini Militia Classic. Mini Militia firstly launched by two developers named Chad Town and Hunter Mayer by appsomniacs company in April 2011 for iOS users. This game becomes more popular when they launched for Android users in March 2015. And after that, In the end of 2018 Appsomniacs developers sold this game to Miniclip. And then, At the end of 2019 Miniclip launched this game with fully new UI and new features.

mini militia classic release date
mini militia classic

But, don’t know why Miniclip removed popular features from older version which makes this game popular in its initial stage. Features like:- Play online with friends, CTF Mode, 12 Players lobby etc. These features makes this game popular in its starting phase. And that is the main reason why everyones hate Miniclip’s Version. Miniclip only want to earn from this game, they don’t think what players want.

So, after all this old developers Chad Town and Hunter Mayer decided that they are going to launch this game again named Mini Militia Classic. And now, Finally available on Play Store but not for everyone. Because this is a test version of this game. But, don’t worry I am going to share the download link of this Game.

Mini Militia Classic Download Link

You have to follow these steps below for download this game. If you, don’t follow these then you can’t install this game on your phone. So, Here are the following 3 Steps:-

1. Join Mini Militia Classic Google Group

At first step you have to join Google Group of this game. Why Google Group? Yes, this is compulsory to join its google group because developers want to know how much players download this game. And, if you join group you will also get a benefit from this group. You will get new update leaks firstly here in the group. If you are thinking to not join this group then don’t think about to download this game.

mini militia classic kaise download kare

Google Group link:-

Click on Join group. If you joined then your first step is completed. Now, Let’s move on to Second Step.

2. Join Testing Program

download mmc

So, this is the second step. Where, you have to join its tester Program on Play Store. Because, I already told you that this is just a testing version of this game. So, that is why you have to join its tester program. Keep in mind, Don’t leave any steps if you really want to download this game.

Testing Program Link:-

mini militia classic download

Click on become a tester. Then another page open in which you see, Welcome to testing program. If you see this then you will successfully joined their Testing Program. And, Now let’s move on to third or last step.

3. Download From Play Store

This is the third or Last step to download this game. In which you have to click on link given below. If you, clicked on that link then a new play store page open in your app. And, Now click on Open In Play Store App Button. Then Play Store automatically open this game. After this, Click on Install Button, Open this Game and login with your email and then start rocking in the game.

mini militia classic download link

Play Store Link:-

After, Clicking on this link you can easily install this game on your phone. If you have any problem in downloading this game then here is a video tutorial. You can watch this video too. Also, Don’t hesitate to Comment your Problems here.

Video Link:-

mini militia classic

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